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cloudsoverheadgrassunderfoot: The only real talent I have is English Horse Back riding (which is kind of hard to do in a talent show situation.) I could always show of how terrible I am at pool. Or pistol shooting.

Who cares if that would hard do in a talent competition. You just gotta bring the who competition outside! 

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yongguks-bae: There is this dance routine that as you do the turns different outfit pieces come off and others reveal themselves to make completely different outfits as you go. I'd do that and shift through iconic BB outfits.

That sounds so cool. That would be such an amazing performance. Big Bang would be in awe ^^

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G-Dragon (Strawberry Rose Chocolate)

Sol (Chocolate Banana)

T.O.P (Strawberry Azuki Beans)

D.Lite (Melon Milk Cake)

V.I (Raspberry White Chocolate)

So many option! What to chose? I wanna know which flavor you would pick. 

Answer below or send it to the ask box!

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Get ready for the survey!

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Anonymous: I'd dance! But my routine would have a twist: I'd start out with my best choomtop impression and eventually work my way up to more complicated choreography.

Nice! You gotta start of weak, then BAM! Impress them with the hard stuff :D Making the judges laugh with your choomtop impression will surely help

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