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The road to domination or I’m not a monster

Inspired by the video for Monster by BIGBANG (x)

“Ladies and gentleman I’m very proud to inform you that our efforts are mere months from bearing fruit, I give you…” the project lights up the screen of the business boardroom, and a low hush takes the room as investors wait to see a return on their money… It reveals:





File: dragon.doc

Classifier: SF04 - 4th iteration of the flare gene

Name: Kwon Jiyong

Age: 27

Years as subject:7

Abilities: Pyromancy, fire manipulation and immunity

Subject status: Resistant to conditioning but shows remarkable leadership skills. Must be curbed to the project’s goals but shows great promise.

ETA to mission acceptable status: 3 months


File: top.doc

Classifier: SS01 - 1st iteration of the shadow gene

Name: Choi Seunghyun

Age: 27

Years as subject: 27

Abilities: Shadow walking and undetectable stealth

Subject status: Conditioning complete. A perfect unfeeling and lethal weapon to be wielded by our hand. Shows no sign of emotion or compassion. The truest assassin.

ETA to mission acceptable status: Ready now.


File: solar.doc

Classifier: SB06 - 6th iteration of the bulwark gene

Name: Dong Youngbae

Age: 27

Years as subject: 5

Abilities: Unstoppable force and momentum, impenetrable skin and strength

Subject status: Subject resistant to conditioning but easily coerced to desired results. Most natural fit to his gene, once mental conditioning is complete he could be the most compatible of all subjects.

ETA to mission acceptable status: 6 months


File: angel.doc

Classifier: ST02 - 2nd iteration of the tracker gene

Name: Kang Daesung

Age: 26

Years as subject: 18

Abilities: Enhanced agility and speed, hunter’s quarry – can track anyone through all five senses.

Subject status: Subject has been successfully conditioned. Through corrective discipline, subject has been trained to follow orders. Not as complete as SS01 but thorough and deeply ingrained into subject’s mind.

ETA to mission acceptable status: Ready now.


File: victory.doc

Classifier: SP03 - 3rd iteration of psychic gene

Name: Lee Seunghyun

Age: 24

Years as subject: 14

Abilities: Psychic and memory manipulation

Subject status: Subject shows reliable signs of conditioning. Incentive based tiers have led to a more compliant and outstanding performance from subject. So long as can be kept leashed subject shouldn’t be a problem.

ETA to mission acceptable status: 1 month

The lights come back and there is a rousing applause filling the luxurious boardroom space. The investors are pleased, the world has never seen weapons like these five boys and likely never would again. None would dare face down a five man squad that could destroy an army. Years spent in toiling research were about to pay. Project Monster was going to pave the way for the start of a new empire… provided nothing went wrong.



IM HURT U WOULD TRY TO SELL ME OUT!!!!!! hahaha jk unni i adore you AND THIS. asjldhfaksdjhfkasjhdbf  THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT IVE BENN TRYING TO DO WITH MY STORY AND IM SO UPSET THAT YOU DID IT SO FLAWLESSLY BUT AT THE SAME TIME IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! but now what am i suppose to do with my life after seeing this glimpse of heaven. YOU nEED to continue this… OMFG TAMARA-UNNI THIS IS INGENIOUS!!!!!!! i could literally kiss ur beautiful mind right now tbh u_u IF U DONT CONTINUE THIS I’LL STEAL IT I SWEAR!!!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGGGH UNNI MARRY ME PLEASE?! i haTE you… 

Your Ever-Loving Mei ✿


PICK A SONG THAT YOU LIKE (ANY SONG STUCK IN YOU’RE HEAD) and create a short fanfic using the song as a storyline for you and any member of big bang or all of big bang.

If you cant think of a song just choose a Big Bang one!

MVs can be used as references! (or in unni’s case… as the actually fanfic :P) hahaha i love my unni >w<

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Finding Fame

Song: Johnny Cash - Ballad of a Teenage Queen [x]

The Song is my reference except the teenage queen is Jiyong and the ‘boy next door” is the OC

Watching him on the television was always a bittersweet experience. He had changed his looks slightly but you could still see your best friend within him. You could still see the boy you love and the boy who had loved you. You had to pry yourself from your daydreams and turn off the television as soon as his finished singing your favorite song ‘Black’ because you knew what was coming next. You had tortured yourself by watching the same sequence over and over. You knew G-dragon would disappear and Jiyong would take his place for the interview. Your Jiyong. Your heart still longed for him but your pride knew better. He had chosen his dreams and you were simply the past left behind to achieve stardom. You knew he was gone. You’d let him leave ages ago but yet every time you would force yourself to watch him from the television screen that separated you two. Every time you would regret letting go of his hand as he chased his dreams. Every time you would end up crying yourself to sleep, mourning the lost of your first love…

Hopefully this gives you guys an idea of what i meant for the prompt…

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considering i did post this i’m gonna announce the winners anyways :3

in no particular order…


Which member of Big Bang is SECOND oldest? TAEYANG

Which Song is The Oldest? LALALA

How much kilograms did Top have to lose to join YG? 20 

Who is the member that had the blood type O? DAESUNG 

Which YG artist is Daesung closest to? GUMMY

Im honestly horrible at these quizzes considering i literally know nothing about these five’s personal lives… im a bad vip… :P

if anyone wants to send a question about big bang tomorrow i just might be lazy enough to put it in the quizzie~~~

hahaha im horrible i know…

ANYWAYS feel free to send in some FANDOM COLLIDES


also i’ll be using this as tomorrow as the FANFIC BABY so just keep sending them in and i’ll post them the rest of today and tomorrow~


PICK A SONG THAT YOU LIKE (ANY SONG STUCK IN YOU’RE HEAD) and create a short fanfic using the song as a storyline for you and any member of big bang or all of big bang.

If you cant think of a song just choose a Big Bang one!

MVs can be used as references!

Hopefully that makes sense to you guys!!!! if not just shoot me an ask and i’ll be glad to explain it further!!!!! 



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Well Better Luck Tomorrow

there was a lack of submissions so i’ll save the current ones i do have for tomorrow :) LOVE YOU GUYS

Your Ever-Loving Mei ✿

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sorry about the lateness! hopefully everyone had a wonderful night’s sleep (unlike me :P) and a even better DAY!


  • GD
  • TOP


  • SEUNGRI - 1
  • DAESUNG - 1

lets get this show on the road~ [submit]


whoops forgot the WHAT IS RIGHT QUIZ

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Just A Quickie Note

I promised my dad i would finish this project and he’s gonna kill me if i keep putting it off so i just wanted to say i’ll be signing on late today but here on the stats 

Member Who Has Love

  • Gd

Members Who Need Some Lovin’

  • Dae - 1
  • Top
  • Taeyang
  • Seungri

No pressure but just in case you wanna send them in ;)


poster by yghigh~

Also there might be some tweaks to our new segments so be on the look out for them later this week :P

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Anonymous: Hello Mei! I was just wondering if I could possibly have a link to your AFF? I'm on mobile and I've looked but I'm not sure if it's anywhere :s. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ BYE!!!

hmmm can i say no :> honestly love in lagging in the writing department right now… but if you really must see it [here ya go] idk if mobile will let you click on it but my username is godlovesugly

i honestly wouldnt expect anyone to find me unless i gave it to them considering my username is completely different :P

hahaha sorry for being so horrible because you are completely adorable

im rhyming now

i promise i’ll work on my stories and put more up eventually!!!

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕﹏◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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Anonymous: Oh my god. Was Mei the one that wrote 'the process of lemonade' (still laughing at the title omg) because OMFG I HAVEN'T ACTUALLY READ ANYTHING THAT WELL WRITTEN IN A WHILE AND AHHHH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE A SERIES OR SOMETHING INVOLVING THAT BECAUSE AHHHHH!!!!! I'M IN LOVE! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Love, an obsessed yet shy anon.

bless your beautiful soul (⊙﹏⊙✿)

i am in fact continuing it over on AFF but considering i’m the slowest writer i know i dont want to promise anything… oh my sweet banana bread anon you are too sweet. Im so honored that you liked it! thank you for you’re kind words and support. please dont be too shy in the future~ I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU X3

im freaking out over here tbh…

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The Process of Lemonade (dude its 12 idk what im doing with my life)

Here we go…

"Ayyyy you must be new meat. Welcome to hell." You’re eyes widened with horror as a smirking boy dropped his lunch tray in front of you causing half its content to splatter around the table.

"w-w-what?" you stammered confused and scared. His smile grew wicked at your obvious fright but before he could open his mouth to continue a fire ball knocked him out of his seat. 

"Yaaah maknae stop bullying her." A new face sat himself down next to the left side of you while glaring at the first boy, who was grumbling about having his ‘fun’ ruined. Suddenly before you could even blink another one appeared on the other side of you "Don’t mind him" the new boy smiled and leaned in to whisper in your ear "he’s special~". Your giggle grabbed the attention of everyone and you blushed trying to hide your face with your hair. Sneaking a peck at the boy to your right you found him smiling so warmly at you causing you to freak out -you we’re never good with boys, especially cute ones-  and stumble backwards out of your chair. You heard the shouts of the boys at your table as you let out a squeak but you noticed after a few moments of your body floating that somehow you were not falling anymore. A deep chuckle caused your eyes to shoot open -which was a huge mistake- because the light stunned you and ended with you scrunching your face in pain.

 ”oops my bad” the voice muttered shyly causing you to squint with your right eye. Immediately you felt your face redden as the light slowly faded to the most handsome boy you have ever laid your sights upon. Both eyes were open and to your horror you knew your mouth was too. Not only was he good-looking, oh no that wasn’t enough, he also happened to have his arm around your shoulder keeping you from falling. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! He’s beautifully god-like face was a mere inches from your own. Seeing your face change from pain to horror his eyebrows scrunched with confusion and his head tiled silently questioning you.

"Hyung for all that is holy stop seducing the poor girl. She’s going to have a heart attack." a fifth voice awoke you from your shocked state as you scrambled to get yourself upright. The deep voiced god chuckled again and sat himself on the right of the smiling boy at the end of the table. Your table that was now occupied with five god-like creature and you… Sensing your confusion the first boy spoke up again. 

"This is our table. Big Bang’s" he huffed after emphasizing the last words. You mouth a silent ‘O’ realizing now why everyone seemed to be whispering about you when you chose to sit that this table that was farthest from the lunch lines. Turning your head you caught eyes with the fifth boy’s amethyst ones. He was playing with a dark orb that was changing between deep purple to black.

"Sup cutie." He raised his eyebrows and a playful smirk graced his perfect face. Your eyes widened again as you pointed to yourself earning only a full smile from the boy. Still pointing to yourself you glanced around at each of the others. Finally the second boy erupted into a laugh as you stared blankly at him which made a shocked smile form on your face. "She’s a riot!" he laughed.

"Can we keep her hyung?" The other boy next to you chimed in smiling -which you were beginning to think was permanent- "PLEAAAASE?" her directed all of his aegyo at the fifth boy.

Looking around him, the fifth boy smile grew to show his gums. Finally turning back to you, who was still very much lost with what was going on and why you had a smiling boy’s head on top of yours with his arms around you… “I’m Jiyong, but call me dragon or oppa” he winked. You feel your face heat up and bowed before anyone could see. Nodding his head towards -apparently the maknae- to his right “This little shit is Seungri-“

Looking up from his food ”Yah you better be calling me oppa” he ordered with his mouth full of food which earned a smack on the head from Jiyong and a chuckle from the rest of the boys.

"Neh." You smile and bow your head. Continuing on ignoring Seungri’s protest of pain, Jiyong turned towards the boy on the left of you and pointed his chopsticks at him. 

"That guy is Taeyang- 

"Oppa" Taeyang interrupted then turned away shyly. You bow towards him as best as you can considering you’re both squished next to each other at the table. Before Jiyong could even begin scolding Taeyang for interrupting him the fourth boy let go of you and started jumping in his seat causing the table to shake and his water to spill. Before any of it could even leave the table though he quickly flicked his wrists and all of it was back into his cup.

"Oppsies" he giggled sticking his tongue out cutely as his cheeks grew slightly pink. 

"The hyperactive one is Daesung" Jiyong threw his orb at Daesung and it startled him slightly but as far as you saw dissipated before it even touched his forehead. Everyone seemed to stiffen and stare at Jiyong but he simply shrugged boredly and started to play with his food and rest just shook their heads. Daesung still a little stunned blinked at Jiyong, then turned to me and blinked a few more times before his famous smile was back. "Call me Daesungie~!" he pinched me cheeks. A laugh escapes you as you wiggle out of his grasp to bow towards him. Finally realizing Jiyong had given up introducing, the last boy reached his hand out to shake yours. You hesitated but shyly extended a hand to shake his. Jiyong didn’t even look up from his meal and started talking before anyone else could.

"The tall, deep-voiced, sexy lady-killer over here is TOP." 

Top ignored his comments and politely smiled at you. “Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” -ummm his voice super effective-

Not trusting your own voice to be able to properly form words you end up just nodding dumbly. 

Feeling quite embarrassed you bow to him before removing your hand from his. After you quickly bowed again towards the other boys.

"Annyeonghaseyo my name is Minhee. It’s an honor you meet you all." You state in a small but extremely polite voice never once raising your head. Suddenly a gust of wind came out of nowhere and made you face the boys -specifically Seungri- again.

"No more bowing from now on." He demands. "You’re with us now, where’s your pride?" He pouts and you can help but smile at his cuteness. This time when everyone laughs you join in feeling much more comfortable then when you first met him. Jiyong catches your eye again and states with a smirk "Welcome to the family Minmin." obviously playing with the way the name rolls off his tongue before he licks his lips slightly. Oh boy… specifically five of them…

(…i have no words for the simple idea that has exploded into this… this is why i cant have nice things…and now its one am… yup a hour god-forsaken hour on this pile of poopsies)




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So i have a quickie question for those of us that are awake…?

guys i wrote for the fanfic prompt… guys my imagination exploded and its not a paragraph… guys… im sorry ive failed you… would anyone like to read my humble chapter… im just… ugh so ashamed but i wanna get some feedback… i’ll be on tomrw but would you rather i just post it now?

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